First Thursday, November 2020

Will discusses ballot measures from across the country on police issues. Cases covered: Prosecutor Allowed To Disclose Brady Information To Chief, In re Grand Jury Investigation, 485 Mass. 641 (Mass. 2020). Prosecutor Shielded From Officers’ Suit By Qualified Immunity, Stockdale v. Helper, 2020 WL 6372910 (6th Cir. 2020). Reporting Corruption Not Protected By First Amendment, […]

N.J. Firefighter Fired 3 Hours Into His First Day Can Stay On The Job, Court Rules

For the past three years, the career of a Plainfield firefighter has hinged on a few words printed on an insurance card for the roller hockey league in which he once competed. Christopher D’Amico admitted he altered the card under pressure to bolster the residency requirements to become a city firefighter – but the address […]

New Louisville Police Contract Contains Sections That Concern Critics. Here’s Why

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A proposed contract with the Louisville Metro Police union lacks accountability and economic flexibility, some local officials and residents say. They point to controversial sections of the contract such as a ban on officer layoffs, stipulations for allowing some complaints and disciplinary records to be destroyed and murky language about a chief’s authority to […]