(CNN)A part-time court deputy with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office was terminated after she was found to have posted a photo on social media showing Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence pumpkin carvings and a Kamala Harris carving in a watermelon.

The Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, Detroit Branch NAACP president, told CNN affiliate WXYZ that the post was racist.

“It grows out of (the) past and a recognition that often is linked to buffoonery and to less than,” he said.

“We are outraged by this former employee’s actions and condemn the behavior she chose to engage in. These type of incidents are disgusting and will never be tolerated or pushed aside at the Sheriff’s Office,” Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe told CNN in an email. “Behavior such as this brings tarnish to the badge and is not representative (of) all those in law enforcement who protect and serve.”

The ex-employee has not been identified. McCabe said the post had been deleted by the time it was brought to their attention. The former employee posted the picture on October 23 and she was fired her the same day they learned about it, on October 27, McCabe told CNN.

CNN affiliate WXYZ obtained a copy of the post and reached out to the ex-employee.

“I worked hard in my law enforcement career and I am proud of the reputation I earned in my 30-plus years of service. I’m not a racist and never will be,” the ex-employee said.

In a statement to CNN, Anthony said he believes the post’s “intent was purposely structured to diminish and to dilute the significance of the first African American as Vice President of these United States.”

“If you think like this on Halloween, then obviously you think like this on the regular scene,” he told WXYZ.

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