Prosecutor Allowed To Disclose Brady Information To Chief

This article appears in the December 2020 issue of our monthly newsletter, Public Safety Labor News. Two unnamed officers of the Fall River Police Department in Massachusetts were present when fellow officer Michael Pessoa used force while arresting an individual on February 12, 2019. Pessoa submitted an arrest report; the officers did not. A few […]

Q & A

From Illinois:Question: We are updating our tattoo policy and I have been researching any cases that address covering of off-duty tattoos that are offensive, due to being gang-related, sexually suggestive, vulgar, advocate racial, ethnic, religious or sexual hatred or discrimination. This would be for officers that clearly are a representative of a police department (i.e., […]

Disability Retirement Precludes Civil Service Appeal Of Discharge

Martin Deiro began working for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in 1997 and was injured on duty in May 2012. He continued to work though October 2013, after which he had the first of two surgeries for the injury. He could not return to work after his first surgery and remained on leave. On […]

Qualified Immunity Bars Dispatcher’s Second Amendment Claim

Keli Calderone is a police communications operator at the City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications. On July 19, 2017, Calderone was off duty and in her personal car. While idling alongside Calderone at a red light, motorist Selene Garcia threw a drink into Calderone’s vehicle and then pulled to the side of […]

The Need For Very Close ‘Comparators’ In Discrimination Cases

Nicole Wells was a corrections officer at the Lakeland Correctional Facility in Michigan. While still on probation she was terminated for following improper security procedures while assigned to a gate and for repeated personal use of the Employer’s computers. Wells filed a discrimination lawsuit under both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and its […]

Court Upholds Arbitrator’s Opinion Reinstating Officer

Andrew Kline is a police officer with the Township of Uwchlan in Pennsylvania. On October 26, 2018, Kline, Officer Warren Obenski and Sergeant David Balben responded to a domestic violence call. While at the caller’s residence, Obenski seized a black duffel bag on the suspicion that it contained illegal drugs. After arriving at the police […]

Prosecutor Shielded From Officers’ Suit By Qualified Immunity

Lieutenant Pat Stockdale of the Fairview, Tennessee Police Department became concerned about the department’s relationship with two security firms and suspected that some officers had falsified documents to obtain secondary employment at the firms. He told Kim Helper, the district attorney for Williamson County, that the wrongdoing had “reached a whole new level” and asked […]

Irritation Does Not Equal Political Retaliation

Alisha Congleton was employed in the Letcher County Sheriff’s Office in Kentucky for almost four years. Mickey Stines successfully ran for sheriff in the May 2018 primary and in the November 2018 general election. Congleton openly supported Eugene Slone, a deputy in the sheriff’s office, in the primary election. During the general election Congleton made […]

Discipline Settlement Agreement Not A Public Record

A New Jersey group calling itself Libertarians for Transparent Government obtained minutes of the March 12, 2018 Cumberland County Board Meeting of the Police and Fireman’s Retirement System (PFRS), reflecting the Board’s consideration of an application for special retirement by Tyrone Ellis, a corrections officer employed by the County at its correctional facility. The minutes […]

Silence Is Not Acceptance Of A 15-Day Suspension

Sholanda Miller was a police officer with the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Miller lived with Eric Shorts, with whom she was romantically involved. During an investigation of a drug distribution enterprise, the FBI wiretapped Shorts’ telephone. In recorded calls, Shorts disclosed recent criminal activity to Miller and thanked her for informing him of […]

Pregnancy And Light-Duty Work

In July 2008, Ann Marie Legg, a corrections officer at the Ulster County Jail in New York, requested that she be permitted to work light duty during the course of her pregnancy. The County denied her request on the basis of a 2007 policy that allowed only employees injured on the job to receive light-duty […]

Reprimand Not Sufficiently ‘Adverse’ To Support Discrimination Suit

Detroit Police Officer Adeela Green, who is African American, was supervised by Lieutenant James Cashion, who is white. On April 16, 2016, Green and her partner were dispatched to address debris falling from an abandoned building that was creating a traffic hazard. Cashion arrived at the scene and deployed barricades to block a parking lane […]

Reporting Corruption Not Protected By First Amendment

Detective John Butcher of Saginaw County, Michigan seized $22,583 in cash from Pierre Najjar during a narcotics investigation. When Najjar agreed to pay the Sheriff’s Department the money seized from him in lieu of entering formal civil forfeiture proceedings, Butcher delivered the money to Garrett DeWyse, the Department’s property and evidence room manager. A few […]

Prosecutor Allowed To Disclose Brady Information To Chief

Two unnamed officers of the Fall River Police Department in Massachusetts were present when fellow officer Michael Pessoa used force while arresting an individual on February 12, 2019. Pessoa submitted an arrest report; the officers did not. A few hours after the incident, the officers were ordered by their superiors to each complete the Department’s […]

Cleveland Police Dispatcher Fired, Accused Of Calling County Jail Inmates While On-Duty, ‘Gross Neglect Of Duty’

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Cleveland police dispatcher was fired Friday after investigators learned he spoke with Cuyahoga County Jail inmates while one the clock and repeatedly disrespected his boss. Cleveland Safety director Karrie Howard fired Charles McGeever after a police internal affairs investigation, city officials said in a statement issues late Friday. McGeever was hired […]