Baltimore Police Officers Complain Their Paychecks Are Missing

BALTIMORE (WBFF) – The union that represents Baltimore City Police Officers blames the rollout of the city’s new human resources system for smaller and missing paychecks for officers.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Union President Mike Mancuso complained that “City leaders have shown nothing but contempt for our members by rolling out the new Workday HR system before it was ready.”

The new system is supposed to modernize the delivery of payroll and benefits for employees.

However, the president of the city firefighters union complains at least 30 firefighters have discovered problems with their health insurance. In some cases, firefighters were told they weren’t insured.

Union President Rich Langford says it’s the wrong time for such a massive transition.

“Implementing a new system that affects health insurance and pay in the middle of a pandemic when half your workforce is working from home, is probably not a good idea,” said Langford.

The city insists it is working around the clock to resolve the discrepancies and will make pay adjustments promptly.


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