State Police Association Urges Governor To Vaccinate All State Troopers

The president of the State Police Union says they’ve already had nearly 1,000 of their employees contract the virus.

FRACKVILLE, Pa. — Pennsylvania State Police Association continues to urge Governor Wolf to make it a priority to vaccinate state troopers immediately.

The president of the State Police Union says they’ve already had nearly 1,000 of their employees, including both law enforcement and civils, contracted the virus, and an outbreak within state police would cripple their department.

“We had over 700 of our members be infected directly and bring it home to their families as well as another 200 civilian employees who were infected,” said Sergeant David Kennedy, the President of the Pennsylvania State Police Association.

The union that represents state troopers state-wide has been asking the governor to make it a priority to get all state troopers vaccinated since they continue to be exposed to the virus while on duty.

“It’s a constant fear,” said Kennedy. “We don’t have access to the database with this contact tracing to know that we’re going into a house where, you know, some individuals have been infected. We don’t know until it’s over.”

In Schuylkill County, there’s a state police barracks just outside Frackville.

People here think troopers should definitely be vaccinated.

“I really do believe they should to be one of first ones to get vaccines,” said Judy Davidson of Frackville.

“They definitely need to be, yeah, they definitely should be,” said Valerie Vickery of Frackville.

The governor’s press secretary responded to what the State Police Union said by saying the administration is eager to expand into additional populations as soon as more of the vaccine is available.

Kennedy says with only 4,300 troopers policing 85 percent of the commonwealth.

An outbreak would cripple their department.

“That right there should tell you that they need it, yeah,” said Vickery. “They should be, yes, because they come in contact with people every day. You know what I mean, especially close up.”

“You’re going to see crime go up,” said Lance Davidson of Frackville.

“And there’s not going be any state police to cover it,” agreed Judy Davidson.

Below is the statement from the troopers:

HARRISBURG, Pa. (March 3, 2021) – Pennsylvania State Troopers Association (PSTA) President David Kennedy today issued the following statement on the Wolf administration’s refusal to prioritize the COVID19 vaccination of Troopers:

“There are only 4,300 state troopers in Pennsylvania, but they are responsible for patrolling over 85% of our commonwealth. Thus far, over 700 troopers have been infected with nearly 1,000 department employees, overall. An outbreak could cripple our department. Public safety should be a priority right now. The PSTA renews our call for the administration to vaccinate first responders so they can focus on doing their jobs.”


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