First Thursday, May 2021

In this month’s podcast, Will cover public safety legislation from around the country.

  • Maryland: Eliminates the police officers’ bill of rights, use of force reform, county police accountability boards.
  • San Antonio: Establishes collective bargaining for police officers.
  • Austin: Voters approve binding arbitration for firefighters replacing the meet-and-confer system.


Court Changes ‘Public Policy’ Doctrine To Overturn Arbitrator’s Opinion, City of Seattle v. Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, 2021 WL 1247946 (Wa. App. 2021).

Firefighter Loses Gradual Hearing Loss Claim, Hartman v. St. Bernard Parish Fire Department, 2021 WL 1115358 (La. 2021).

Florida Statute Shields Officers’ Names From Disclosure After OIS, Florida PBA v. City of Tallahassee, 2021 WL 1257869 (Fla. App. 2021).