Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s Husband Arrested On Drug And Weapons Charges, Officials Say

ROCHESTER, NY — New York state police raided the home of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren on Wednesday, and her husband was later arrested on drugs and weapons charges, officials said.

The mayor said she’s not a target of the probe against husband Timothy Granison, but questioned whether the timing of his arrest is tied to her current bid for a third term at City Hall.

“I find the timing of yesterday’s events, three weeks before early voting starts, to be highly suspicious,” she said during a five-minute address on Thursday defending herself. “There’s nothing implicating me in these charges announced today, because I’ve done nothing wrong.”

The mayor said her efforts to reform the police department and support reparations and universal income have made her a target of powerful enemies.

Warren also disclosed, for the first time publicly, that she and Granison separated “many years ago.”

City spokesperson Justin Roj said in a statement to NBC News on Thursday afternoon that Warren and her husband have been quietly “separated since 2018” but that they “co-parent their child in a shared home.”

“I haven’t spoken to Tim since his arrest and I’m not standing here to defend him,” Warren said.

Granison, 42, appeared Thursday via video in Rochester City Court from the Monroe County jail, where he spent the night.

He pleaded not guilty to charges of illegal possession of a firearm, criminal possession of a controlled substance and possession with intent to sell. He was released without bail and his next court date was set for June 21,.

Mayor Warren even cast doubt on the court schedule, because June 21 is one day before polls open.

“If this is not about politics, why is Tim’s next court date June 21, the day before primary day? Now that’s quite the coincidence,” she said. “Now when you figure out those answers to those questions, come find me because I’ll be working.”

Warren then left the podium and didn’t answer any questions.

Hours before Warren’s statement, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley insisted this prosecution is not political.

“There are going to be people out there who think that this is politically motivated. It was not,” she told reporters. “Timothy Granison was not the original target of this wire investigation.”

Wednesday’s raid was part of a seven-month-long local drug probe and the mayor’s husband didn’t get on police radar until just three months ago, according to Doorley.

At that point, she said, Rochester authorities looped in state police.

From NBC News

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