Help At Hand For Police In Coping With Brutal Scenes

It’s the kind of thing you don’t forget. It sticks with you — a silent, dark memory that fades but won’t leave. Sgt. Chris Felton understands. The veteran Fort Wayne police officer was one of the first to arrive in September 2016 at 3006 Holton Ave. It was “a house of horrors,” according to another investigator […]

A Rise In Traffic Fatalities Leads To A Spike In Law Enforcement Officer Deaths

On Monday, 19-year Arvada, Colo., police veteran Gordon Beesley marked another loss for the law enforcement community. Beesley was killed along with two other people during a shooting at a downtown shopping district, authorities said. He is the fourth Colorado police officer to die on the job this year. The rate of on-the-job fatalities for police is higher this year […]