Evolving COVID Policies For State, Anchorage Workforces Leave Public Employees Anxious

As a super-contagious strain of the coronavirus sweeps across America, there are no mask or vaccine requirements for state and Anchorage city workers. That’s left an evolving patchwork of policies that public employees are unsure will leave them protected, with some increasingly nervous and scared as the new strain of the virus, delta, threatens even […]

Unvaccinated Firefighters In South King County Won’t Be Allowed To Provide Care To Patients

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. – Some front-line workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be allowed to provide patients care and could be at the risk of getting fired due to a new policy for South King Fire and Rescue employees.  The South King Fire and Rescue Board of Commissioners issued a vaccination policy for firefighters and staff who are unvaccinated. This is in […]