Vaccination Mandate Resource

It turns out there’s an organization that is tracking the wide variety of lawsuits filed challenging vaccination mandates. The Network for Public Health has created a “Fact Sheet” listing the cases filed in the last year and the current state of affairs in each case. You can download the Fact Sheet for free here. We’ve […]

Facility Closures Continue As Florida Prisons Face ‘Unprecedented’ Staff Shortage

With almost 30% of security staff positions vacant across Florida prisons, the corrections department continues to close sections of its facilities to mitigate its now past-critical staff shortage, officials recently said. In late August, the Florida Department of Corrections announced the indefinite closure of three of its main prisons due to short staffing, a drastic measure that […]

Company Pitches Liability Insurance For Colorado Cops, Following Passage Of Police Reform Law

Now that Colorado officers can be sued as individuals, following the passage of police reform legislation last summer, a small Texas insurance company is offering liability insurance starting in October. “I mean, the thing that you’ve got to understand is every industry out there has some kind of liability insurance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a notary, […]