First Thursday, October 2021

Tracking vaccine mandate litigation (Table) Police union website archive at Cornell University Cases: Apportioning Damages In DFR Cases, POAM v. Hatfield, 2021 WL 3907865 (Mich. App. 2021). No Duty Of Fair Representation Where Union Not Exclusive Rep, Brinson v. Florida PBA, 48 FPER ¶ 19 (Fla. PERC Gen. Counsel 2021). Who Chooses The Reasonable Accommodation […]

Six Naperville Firefighters Seek To Keep Working While Fighting COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

Six Naperville firefighters challenging a COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirement in federal court will seek a preliminary injunction to prevent the city from enforcing the mandate until their case is resolved. The firefighter-paramedics — Gil Cortez, Joel Fox, Chris Garon, John Halgren, Robert McCormick and John K. Stiegler — are suing the city of Naperville, […]