Ohio’s Prison Workforce Is 28% Vaccinated, Per State Data; Lowest Rate Among All State Agencies

Ohio’s prison authority, the largest government agency in the state tasked with overseeing the 43,000 inmates in its custody, is the least vaccinated entity in Ohio’s government, according to state data based on employee-submitted records.

About 28 percent of employees within the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction are vaccinated against COVID-19 and have submitted proof of it, according to data released Wednesday by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.

In comparison, about 66 percent of Ohio adults statewide have received at least one dose of the vaccine, as have about 79 percent of American adults.

Employees are not required to seek or submit proof of vaccination, but the state offers an incentive: Any of its employees who show proof of vaccination gets $100. If a whole agency reached 65 percent vaccination by Oct. 15, everybody got $300; if an agency hits 85 percent by Nov. 15, everybody gets another $600.

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