First Thursday, November 2021

Are you tired of hearing about vaccination mandates yet? We hope not, because this podcast is all about the legality of mandatory vaccination policies (spoiler alert: they are legal). Will tackles some of the most common questions he’s received or seen regarding employer vaccination mandates. They are listed below with a timestamp so you can […]

Central Pa. Police Officers Fired For Turning In Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

Two Lancaster City police officers lost their jobs this week after authorities discovered they’d submitted fake coronavirus vaccination cards, according to news reports. Officers Heather Schaeffer and Benjamin Lapp violated the city’s COVID-19 reporting policy when they turned in the cards, therefore lying about being vaccinated, according to a LancasterOnline review of the termination letters. Jess King, […]

US Prisons Are Facing Staff Shortages As Officers Quit During Pandemic

At a Georgia state House of Representatives hearing on prison conditions in September, a corrections officer called in to testify, interrupting his shift to tell lawmakers how dire conditions had become. On a “good day,” he told lawmakers, he had maybe six or seven officers to supervise roughly 1,200 people. He said he had recently […]