First Responders Hope Self-Care Training In Gilbert Helps With Retention Of Crews

First responders shoulder a lot of stress. The job can take a serious toll on their physical and mental health. East Valley crews went through special training this week, focusing on self-care. The hope is to keep our police and firefighters healthier and happier on the job longer.

“We’ve learned today, all the statistics, for all the heart disease being the No. 1 killer unfortunately for firefighters, and there’s (sic) other things like PTSD,” said Queen Creek firefighter Kristi Scott.

Scott joined 39 other first responders for workshops at the Gilbert Public Safety and Training Facility this week. Ramone Resop with O2X said it’s all about focusing on mental health. “Strength and conditioning, nutrition, sleep health, mental health and resiliency, dealing with stress,” said Resop.

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