First Thursday, November 2021

Are you tired of hearing about vaccination mandates yet? We hope not, because this podcast is all about the legality of mandatory vaccination policies (spoiler alert: they are legal).

Will tackles some of the most common questions he’s received or seen regarding employer vaccination mandates. They are listed below with a timestamp so you can navigate to a question that interests you most.

Our Vaccination Mandate Litigation Table.

Lastly, $5 in 1905 is the equivalent of $155.86 in today’s dollars.


Do mandatory vaccination policies violate one’s right to bodily integrity/privacy? (00:17:07)

Does a mandatory vaccine program violate the equal protection clause? (00:33:24)

Is there an equal protection claim because the impact of vaccination policies falls disproportionately on Blacks and Hispanics because they are unvaccinated at a greater rate? (00:35:47)

What about a religious exemption? (00:37:38)

Are there are provisions of international law, such as the Nuremburg Code, that make a mandatory vaccination program illegal? (00:45:56)

Is forcing someone who disagrees with vaccination to be vaccinated by putting their job at risk a violation of free speech rights? (00:50:11)

Can mandatory vaccination policies violate the contracts clause of the constitution? (00:53:12)

Doesn’t the Food & Drug Administration have provisions on emergency use authorization of any medical product that say the FDA has to ensure individuals given the medical product know they are free not to take that product? (00:55:30)

Does an employer have to bargain over a vaccine mandate? (00:57:01)