Charleston Firefighters Are Asking For Pay Increase As Prices Go Up And They Can’t Afford Houses Within The City

Charleston, South Carolina – The City of Charleston firefighters are asking for increased pay since the current pay is not adequate with the cost of living.

According to Charleston firefighters union, firefighters sometimes have to travel for half an hour to get to work because they usually can’t afford house within the city limits. One of them is Brian Axelrod, the president of Charleston Firefighter Association local 61 union, who said he lives out of the city because he can’t afford the cost of living with his current earnings.

“I can’t tell you how many people we have lost,” Axelrod said. “The majority of those people leaving it ultimately boils down to pay.”

Taking into consideration the rising prices, inflation and the higher cost of living in general, the problem is going to be even bigger resulting with staffing shortages. With the most recent policy changes, a firefighter with a high school diploma will make $12.88 an hour starting January 28. That brings a total of $38,000 salary before taxes.

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