First Thursday, January 2022

Happy new year! This month’s podcast covers:

Mandatory vaccinations programs (again).

  • Courts and arbitrators continue to rule (69-0 by our last count) that there is nothing unconstitutional about employer vaccine mandates.
  • First interest arbitration decision about mandatory vaccine programs.
  • The law about whether or not an employee or labor organization can get injunctive relief while a challenge to vaccine mandate is going on.
  • What the Supreme Court will be ruling regarding two of the federal vaccine mandates later this week.

Non-Vaccine Cases:

  • No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy In iPhone Backups On Work Computer, Smith v. City of Pelham, 2021 WL 5863412 (11th Cir. 2021).
  • Deputy Sheriffs As Political Appointees, With No Job Rights, Burns v. Cole, 2021 WL 5549411 (8th Cir. 2021).