‘Shy Bladder’ Lead s To Firefighter’s Reinstatement

Roy Neely worked as a firefighter for the New Orleans Fire Department. On September 1, 2020, Neely struck an overhead door as he was driving a rescue unit vehicle out of Fire Station 7. Neely’s District Chief ordered a post-ac­cident substance abuse test. The test was administered by Jeffrey Mendler, the owner of Toxicology and […]

Contract Waives Union’s Right To Bargain Over Shift Change

AFSCME Local 4041 represents the corrections officers employed by the State of Nevada’s Warm Springs Correctional Center. For several years, officers worked a mixed schedule of eight-hour and twelve-hour shifts. In December 2020, the State changed all employees to work eight-hour shifts. Local 4041 filed an unfair labor practice complaint with Nevada’s labor board. Local […]

Firefighter’s Residency Violation ‘Misconduct,’ Forfeiting Unemployment Comp

John Cannici was a firefighter with the Village of Melrose Park, Illinois, which has a requirement that firefight­ers live in the Village. In 2008, Cannici purchased a house in Orland Park. His wife and their children lived in the Orland Park house while Cannici lived in the Village house. In June 2013, Cannici rented the […]

Continued Confusion Over Bargaining In Public

The Washington State Council of County and City Employees represents a number of employees of Spokane County. In 2018, the County’s com­missioners passed a resolution that all collective bargaining contract negoti­ations be conducted publicly and in real time, either in person or by video. When the Council began bargain­ing with the County for new contracts […]

Court Rejects Challenge To Arbitrator’s Opinion In Excessive Force Case

On October 21, 2017, Michael Sta­nitis, a police officer for the Bridgeport Police Department in Connecticut, re­sponded to an incident in which he and other police officers arrested Carmelo Mendez. On October 22, 2020, the Bridgeport Board of Police Commis­sioners terminated Stanitis’ employment upon finding that he used excessive force during Mendez’s arrest, and that […]

No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy In Cell Phone Backups On Work Computer

Jennifer Smith was a police officer for the City of Pelham, Alabama. When the police chief became concerned that Smith was excessively using sick time and time off, particularly on Fridays and Mondays, he asked a detective to con­duct a forensic analysis of Smith’s work computer. The City has a Computer/Email & Internet Use Policy […]

City Too Late To Raise Vertigo Defense To Officer’s Comp Claim

Chase Montgomery, a Baltimore City police officer, filed a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission seeking compensation for an injury he sustained when he stepped out of his patrol vehicle, lost his balance, and hit his head on the vehicle. In its response to the claim, the City did not contest that Offi­cer Montgomery’s injury […]

‘No-Holds-Barred Meeting’ Leads To PTSD Claim

Allison Shuff is a police officer for the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. On January 6, 2016, Shuff filed a workers’ compensation claim alleging that she suffered an injury in the form of depression and PTSD based on two incidents that occurred in the course and scope of her employment. Both incidents involved Shuff’s fail­ure to […]

Immunity Bars Officer’s Suit For Canine Bite

Juan Mata is a police officer with the City of Bangor, Michigan. Mata was injured when the police K-9 working with a Van Buren County deputy sheriff injured him during the arrest of a flee­ing subject. Mata and his wife sued the County and the deputy sheriff, alleging that the County was liable as the […]

Pension Benefits Not Offset By Workers’ Comp Attorney Fees

Heather Bass was a Kansas City, Missouri police officer who sustained a duty-related injury in January 2008. Because of the injury, she was retired by the Department and became eligi­ble to receive duty-related disability pension benefits from the City’s Police Retirement System. Bass also filed a worker’s compen­sation claim and hired an attorney to represent […]

Massachusetts Courts Deny Injunctions In Vaccination Cases

The State Police Association of Massachusetts is the exclusive bargaining unit for the approximately 1,800 members of the Department of State Police. On Au­gust 19, 2021, Massachusetts’ governor issued an executive order requiring that all employees of the executive branch prove that they had received full COVID-19 vaccination by October 17, 2021 and mandating full […]