First Thursday, February 2022

A brief update on vaccine mandates.


Arbitrator Upholds Lieutenant’s Termination For January 6 Charges, Bexar County, Texas (Thomas Cipolla, 2021). (Download the arbitrator’s decision.)

LAPD Officers Lose Job To Pokemon Go, Lozano v. City of Los Angeles, 2022 WL 71705 (Cal. App. 2022).

Union Can Demand Mid-Term Bargaining On Topic Not Covered By Contract, Multnomah County v. Multnomah County Corrections Deputy Association, 317 Or.App. 89 (Or. App. 2022).

Effects Of Mandatory Psychological Exam Negotiable, City of Newton, 2021 WL 6140174 (Mass. App. 2021).

‘Firefighter’s Rule’ Bars Injured Officer’s Lawsuit, Topper v. Thomas, 2022 WL 38424 (Md. Spec. App. 2022).