Maui Police Officer Vacancies Persist, Recruitment Expands To Mainland

With more than a quarter of authorized officer positions vacant in Maui County, the Maui Police Department is deploying the use of QR codes and pursuing mainland recruitment in an effort to help. Of the 400 authorized positions for sworn officers, there are currently 297 employed and 103 vacancies, which translates to 74% staffing. That’s […]

RI State Troopers To Get $3,000 Stipends For Use Of Body Cameras

PROVIDENCE — State troopers are the latest group of public employees in Rhode Island in line to receive $3,000 bonuses, but theirs are described in a new contract as a “stipend” for wearing body cameras, according to a copy obtained by The Providence Journal. While the McKee administration awarded two back-to-back “retention bonuses” of $1,500 each to unionized state employees as […]