Calexico Firefighters Report Highest Workload, Lowest Base Pay

A clear sign that the Calexico Fire Department is no longer considered a top destination for employment as a firefighter is a decrease in its number of recent applicants. In 2021, when the department announced it had six openings for firefighters, 12 people applied. Compared to the more than 200 individuals who applied for two […]

FDNY Union Demanding COVID Vaccine Exemption Apply To All

NEW YORK – Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving may be back at the Barclays Center, but those fired by City Hall cannot have their jobs back if they refuse to get vaccinated. The very definition of vaccinated continues to evolve as the second booster shot is coming down the pike. The FDA is expected to give the thumbs up […]

First Thursday, April 2022

In this month’s podcast: Meet John Chrystal. John is the president of the Newark, New Jersey Police Superior Officers’ Association and has attended LRIS seminars for many years. He’s taken the knowledge gleaned from those seminars had translated it into wins for his union. Two recent cases illustrate this. City Guilty Of ‘Direct Dealing’ In […]