First Thursday, August 2022

In this month’s podcast:

Religious speech implications of the Supreme Court’s Kennedy decision.

Confederate Flag Costs Sergeant Her Job, Cotriss v. City of Roswell, 2022 WL 2345729 (11th Cir. 2022).

Garrity Offers No Protection For Dishonesty, Delaware v. MacColl, 2022 WL 2388397 (Del. Super. 2022).

No Due Process Right To Promotion From Expired List, Cummings v. City of Bridgeport, 2022 WL 1720335 (D. Conn. 2022).

Pre-Disciplinary Hearing Must Precede, Not Follow, Sustaining Of Complaint, Washington v. Shreveport fire & Police Civil Service Board, 2022 WL 1654146 (La. App. 2022).

Officer’s Experience With Death And Decaying Bodies Defeats Disability Claim, Mesmer v. Board of Trustees, 2022 WL 946070 (N.J. App. 2022).