Illinois Law Enforcement Faces Recruitment Issues

Illinois is amid a law enforcement shortage. Officials say it is not just an issue in the Land of Lincoln, but nationwide. Illinois police officers are looking to recruit as many officers as they can since many departments are seeing a decline in officers. “With that said, a lot of those people are getting older […]

The Detroit Police Department Has Lost 223 Officers This Year — Why They Are Leaving

Since the start of the year, 223 Detroit police officers have left the department. That’s almost double last year’s number. Roughly half of those officers went to other departments. “We have a number of officers that are resigning or retiring maybe earlier than they would have to get out of law enforcement altogether, and then we are […]

Latest Police Review Panel: Give Controversial Miami Captain Job Back, Rescind Reprimands

Only six weeks after a police oversight panel recommended firing a controversial Miami police captain, another board tasked with recommending discipline in police cases reached the opposite conclusion. Miami’s five-member Disciplinary Review Board unanimously disagreed with nine reprimands handed down to Miami Police Capt. Javier Ortiz by an internal affairs supervisor who investigated his off-duty […]

Has The Supreme Court Slightly Opened The Free Speech Door?

It is hard to overstate the impact on public safety employee free speech rights produced by the 2006 decision in Garcetti v. Ceballos. In Garcetti, a deeply-divided Supreme Court overturned more than 40 years of public employee free speech law. The decision held that if speech is “ordinarily within the job duties” of the public […]

Court Has No Jurisdiction To Interpret Labor Contract

Alison Schaber works for Ramsey County in Minnesota and is the pres­ident of the Ramsey County Deputy Federation. Under the Federation’s collective bargaining agreement, the County is required to provide a matching contribution to the employee’s deferred compensation account of up to $25 per month per contributing employee. The County did not send the employer […]

Garrity Offers No Protection For Dishonesty

James MacColl, a police officer with Wilmington, Delaware, shot a fleeing carjacking suspect in 2019. During the resulting deadly force investigation, MacColl turned in his Department-issued gun for testing. The ballistics results showed a mismatch between the grooves on the test rounds and the grooves on the bullets recovered from the scene. Closer inspection revealed […]

Officer Or Mother? It Matters For Pension Forfeiture

Jaime Quinn was an officer with the Sunbury, Pennsylvania Police De­partment. The Department provided her with a cell phone, which was to be used only to assist her in fulfilling her duties as a police officer, except in certain emergency situations or with departmen­tal approval. Despite this requirement, Quinn gave her Department-issued phone to her […]

Employer Not Liable For CO’s Murder Attempt

Erika Aguirre was a corrections officer for the Cook County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) in Illinois. She and Deisy Jaimes had been in a relationship since 2011. They eventually moved in together and got engaged. By 2013, however, their relationship had deteriorated. For exam­ple, in one incident Aguirre threatened to kill Deisy and claimed she could […]

Confederate Flag Costs Sergeant Her Job

Sergeant Silvia Cotriss worked for the City of Roswell, Georgia. The City began investigating Cotriss when it received a complaint that she was flying a Confederate battle flag in her front yard, sometimes with her police cruiser present. During the investigation, Cotriss admitted that there had been two Confederate-like flags separately displayed on a flagpole […]

Pre-Disciplinary Hearing Must Precede, Not Follow, Sustaining Of Complaint

Delandro Washington is a police officer in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Department received a complaint from an individual concerning Washington. Washington and other witnesses were interviewed, and an internal affairs inves­tigator prepared a report with his findings, which did not conclude that the complaints against Washington should be sustained. The IA report was sent to the […]

Last Chance Agreements Are Enforceable If ‘Precisely Written’

Local 2297 of the IAFF represents firefighters working for the North Collier Fire Control and Rescue Dis­trict in Florida. The District issued a termination notice to bargaining unit member Mark Batten. At the time of his termination, Batten was subject to the terms of a Last Chance Agreement (LCA). The LCA provided that Batten could […]

Corrections Officers Lose Challenge To Solitary Confinement Settlement

The New York State Correctional Officer and Police Benevolent Asso­ciation represents corrections officers working for the New York State Depart­ment of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOC). Over the years, the DOC has been sued by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) and other organizations challenging the frequency, duration, and severity of solitary confinement in […]

Court Grants Hawai’i Battalion Chiefs Raise

Section § 89C-3(b)(2) of Hawai’i Revised Statutes requires government employers to adjust the benefits and pay of civil service employees excluded from collective bargaining to ensure that the benefits and pay of the excluded employ­ees are at least equal to the compensation and benefit packages of their subordinates covered by collective bargaining. A group of […]

Dispatchers Win Trial On Inmate Search Issue

The City of Warren, Michigan employs 20 people as dispatchers and dispatch supervisors – 16 women and four men. The City’s main police station houses the dispatch center where plain­tiffs work, as well as a jail. A group of dispatchers challenged the City’s General Order 19-04 governing arrest procedures for prisoners taken into custody by […]