Portland Firefighters Request Double Pay For Overtime Amid Short Staffing

Portland firefighters say their staffing levels are putting public safety at risk and want the city council to pay more for what they say is forced overtime to cover staffing shortages. The overtime is costing taxpayers almost $20 million per year. Firefighters point to having some stations with just one firefighter on duty at times — […]

Minneapolis Police Supervisors To Receive Bonuses

Minneapolis police supervisors will receive $7,000 bonuses if they stay with the department through the end of the year. The bonuses will be offered to about 20 people in supervisory roles ranging from inspector up to chief. The city estimates the bonuses will cost about $150,000 total. The change was designed to provide supervisors with […]

4 New Orleans Levee Police Officers Arrested, Suspected Of Payroll Fraud

Four Orleans Levee District police officers were arrested this week over allegations of payroll fraud, court records show.   The four officers are accused of cutting out on recent off-duty security shifts in the Lake Vista subdivision or at the New Orleans Yacht Club, then billing for the ghost work. Continue reading at www.nola.com