Two North Providence Police Union Officials Accused Of Embezzling Union Funds

Two North Providence police union officials are facing charges that they embezzled union funds. A secret grand jury indictment unsealed Tuesday charged recently retired North Providence Police Lt. Dennis Stone with three counts of embezzlement related to Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 13 money and six counts of filing a false tax report that excluded work he […]

Daytona Beach Sees Success In Attracting More Police Officer Recruits With Higher Pay

The Daytona Beach Police Department (DBPD) has cut its officer openings from 41 to just 17. They even started four new officers this week.  “We are not nearly having the problems that we had before attracting great candidates,” said Mayor Derrick Henry.  DBPD’s strategy of enticing officers with a starting salary of just over $50,000 […]

State Of Pittsburgh Policing? ‘Abysmal’ Staffing, Union Tells City Council

Pittsburgh City Council called in top leaders from Mayor Ed Gainey’s administration and the police union for a public meeting to talk about the “state of policing.” Police union officials are making it clear that they consider city police staffing levels are “abysmal.” “Right now, there is absolutely no way you can have a St. […]

First Thursday, February 2023

LRIS Podcast

In this month’s podcast: Article: Evidence On Measures To Reduce Excessive Use Of Force By The Police (h/t to PORAC). Firefighter Schedule Change Illegal Discrimination, IAFF, Local 365 v. City of East Chicago, 2022 WL 17829283 (7th Cir. 2022). Sergeant Has Privacy Interest In Dropbox Account Created With Employer’s Email, State v. Bowers, 2022 WL […]