East Lansing’s Paramedics Offered Help As They Recover, Too

“You step into this profession because you want to help people,” East Lansing firefighter and paramedic John Newman told ELi in a phone interview on Wednesday. “You know [a mass shooting like Monday’s] is a possibility, but you are never ready for it.”

“We did trainings and that’s why [the management of the response] went as well as it did,” Newman said. “But you are never really ready for it.  You have innocent people who have just been attacked, victimized and, because of the situation, there is only so much you can do immediately. You’re trying to get them out of there and get them to the medical care they’re really going to need. Because they need more than we can offer on the scene.”

Now, Newman told ELi, some of those first-responders need help themselves. 

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