NC Police Salaries Not Helping Fix Staffing Shortage Challenges

Staffing struggles continue at many local police departments, and now some departments are facing a new problem: more and more officers quitting the force for higher-paying police jobs. 50 miles from Raleigh, the Burlington Police Department is having a moment. The 58,000-person city boasts one of the highest base salaries for police officers in the […]

Phoenix Faces Two Lawsuits Over Police Contract Negotiations

Phoenix now faces two separate lawsuits over negotiations with the local police union, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, and its decision not to submit a contract proposal before starting negotiations. On Dec. 1, PLEA joined other city unions in refusing to submit a copy of all the proposed changes to their contract, something required under […]

DC Police Officers Dispute Body-Worn Camera ‘Misconduct’

Michael Tobin, director of the Office of Policing Complaints, testified during an oversight hearing last week that in nearly half the videos reviewed following a complaint, officers broke department rules. Tobin said they were not major offenses, in most cases. “The majority of it is … an officer not telling the community member that, ‘Hey, […]

Los Angeles Police Union Proposes Limits To 911 Responses

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Police Department’s rank-and-file union is proposing that someone other than police respond to more than two dozen types of 911 calls in a bid to transfer officers’ workload to more serious crimes. The move is part of a national trend aimed at limiting situations where armed police officers […]

First Thursday, March 2023

LRIS First Thursday Podcast - Portland Snowstorm

Portland survived Winter Apocalypse 2023! This month’s cases: Firefighter Entitled To Unemployment Benefits After Firing For Use Of Medical Marijuana, City of Waterbury, 216 Conn.App. 717 (2022). No Privacy Interest In On-Line Videos, Mason v. City of Waco, 2023 WL 1926984 (W.D. Tex. 2023).Behind The Blue Curtain Podcast Officer’s Facebook Lawsuit Survives Motion To Dismiss, […]