Workers Comp Limitation On Stress Claims Not Unconstitutional

Timothy Matthews began training with the Tucson Police Department in Au­gust 2000 after passing the necessary pre-employment physical and psychological examinations. In 2009 while off duty, Matthews passed by an accident involving a car that hit a police officer on a bicycle. Matthews responded to the scene. He later learned the officer had died. Afterward, […]

Court Upholds Chicago Police Vaccination Requirement

Lodge 7 of the Fraternal Order of Police is the exclusive collective bargaining representative of all sworn personnel below the rank of sergeant employed by the Chicago Police De­partment. The Policemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Illinois represents sergeants and lieutenants in different bargaining units. On August 25, 2021, the City an­nounced its intention to […]

‘Thin Red Line’ Flag Not Protected Union Material

Local 863 of the IAFF and the City of Newton, Massachusetts are parties to a collective bargaining agreement. Within the Fire Department, Station 4 is the des­ignated building for the training division of the Department. The City instructs all firefighters to report to Station 4 when they need their uniforms or equipment fitted. Additionally, all […]

Unilateral Shift Change After Citizen Complaint Deemed Due Process Violation

In December 2022, an arbitrator held that Oklahoma City violated its contract with FOP Lodge 123 when it unilaterally transferred a bargaining unit member under investigation without good cause and without first negotiating with the FOP. The case began in April 2022, when 20-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department Master Sergeant Wesley Morrison […]

Dispatcher Loses Job For Refusing To Get Vaccinated

The City of Carbondale, Illinois is party to a collective bargaining agree­ment with the Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council. Shane Harris, a dispatch­er, is in the FOP’s bargaining unit. The City adopted a COVID-19 Vac­cination Policy effective September 27, 2021. The Policy states, in part, “The City of Carbondale requires all employees to be […]

Officer’s Conduct, Not Race, Produced Discipline

Dana Harge is a patrol officer for the New York City Police Department. Harge sued his supervisors and NYPD, claiming his supervisors fabricated disciplinary actions against him, subjected him to heightened monitoring and scrutiny, issued him inappropriate “Command Discipline (CD),” and halted his promotional and career advancement because he is black. The federal Second Circuit […]

Officer’s Suicide ‘Line Of Duty’ Death

Washington County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Deputy Jerome Lannon died by suicide in 2018. Lannon had a decades-long career as a public safety officer. Over the course of his career as a sheriff’s deputy, he responded to many disturbing incidents, including a double murder, multiple suicides, a child’s sexual assault, and fatal vehicle crashes. He was also […]

Police Dispatchers Not Entitled To Double-Time Pay

Police dispatchers for the University of Cincinnati are represented by the Fraternal Order of Police. Section 18.11 of their collective bargaining agreement provides that “in the event that the Uni­versity closes due to inclement weather or other emergencies, members of the FOP bargaining unit who are required to work because they are designated as essential […]

Officer Not Coerced Into Retiring

Brian Errington was an officer with the Reading, Pennsylvania Police De­partment for 15 years. In later years, he got involved in workplace disputes that led him to retire and sue the City for First Amendment retaliation. The first dispute arose in November 2017, when Officer Charles Menges left Errington’s name off the ballot in an […]

City To Pay $1.6 Million For Firefighter Staffing Violation

The City of East Cleveland and Local 500 of the IAFF are parties to a collective bargaining agreement with a minimum staffing clause. In Article 9, Section 1 of the parties’ CBA, the City agreed to maintain “on a daily basis, a minimum Safety Fire Fighting Force of ten on-duty firefighters” and, if “personnel are […]

Lying About Sick Leave Basis For Demotion

Luis Suarez was two weeks into his three-month probationary period as a newly promoted sergeant in the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey when he lied about being sick so he could attend a wedding after having been denied permission to switch shifts with another officer. Although Suarez, a ten-year officer with an unblemished […]

Q & A

From Rhode Island:Question: Are there any good resources (policies or cases) dealing withthe issue of legalized recreational marijuana and police in terms of any departmentsthat have proposed restrictions and any bargaining that has takenplace that would impact off-duty use? Answer: It’s still early yet, and no nationally reported cases so far. Thebig development has been […]