First Thursday, May 2023

The movie and novel Minority Report introduced the idea of “precrime.” Could AI make this a reality? Benchmark Analytics claims it can predict adverse officer actions before they happen.

This month’s cases:

Boston Allowed To Implement Vaccination Policy, Boston Firefighters Union, Local 718 v. City of Boston, 2023 WL 2698781 (Mass. 2023).

Court Turns Away Challenge To Union’s Non-Member Fee Structure, Taylor v. Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association, 2023 WL 2565029 (Penn. Super. 2023).
This is the first major case related to the Janus decision. Download Janus.

ALJ Finds Employer Engaged In Illegal Surface Bargaining, City of Compton, 47 PERC ¶ 130 (Cal. PERB 2023).

Change Of Union Does Not Necessarily Terminate Grievance Procedure, City of Chelsea, 203 N.E.3d 1142 (Mass. 2023).