Firefighters Officially Granted Right To Collective Bargaining

The Mayor signed off on the Firefighter’s Mediation Act on June 30, officially granting Athens firefighters the right to collective bargaining. The act allows Athens firefighters to bargain for better wages, working conditions and more. Emily Thompson, the president of the local chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters, says that gaining a seat […]

Illinois Police Officers Stage Protest To Demand Back Pay From City

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. — East St. Louis police officers filed a petition against the city and mayor on Thursday after waiting years to receive court-ordered retroactive pay since 2016. More than a handful of officers protested with signs about back pay outside of City Hall, getting the attention of city council members meeting inside and residents […]

Cincinnati Police Officer Fired For Using Racial Slur Loses Fight To Get Her Job Back

The former Cincinnati police officer fired for saying a racial slur will not get her job back, according to a labor arbitration decision issued last week. On April 5, 2022, Rose Valentino was caught on her own body camera saying, “f—ing n—–s, I f—ing hate them” while stuck in traffic near Western Hills University High School and […]

Arbitrator Orders In-Person Rather Than Video Hearing

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs and Local 2241 of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) requested a panel of arbitrators from the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service (FMCS) for the purpose of selecting an arbitrator to hear a case involving a suspension of seven days. The Department requested a virtual hearing before […]

Court Orders Recertification Of Officer

Maurice Devalle served with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol for 19 years. The Highway Patrol received a tip in November 2016 that Devalle was at his residence in Wake County while he was supposed to be on duty in Wayne County. The Highway Patrol conducted an internal investigation following the tip and learned Devalle […]

No Due Process Right To Promotion To Chief

Abraham Hughes has worked as a police officer for the City of Wayne, Michigan, since 2002, and became a sergeant in 2016. In 2018, Hughes learned that the chief of police planned to retire. Hughes began seeking a pro­motion to the position. In December 2018, Hughes met with the city manager, director of personnel, and […]

Court Upholds Arbitrator’s Sick Leave Abuse Decision

Sergeant Joseff Messina has been a corrections employee with the Essex County Sheriff’s Department in Massa­chusetts for over 20 years. Messina also had a rather remarkable record of using sick time, accruing more than 2,200 hours of sick leave since the year 2000 and using all but ten hours of that time. The Department described […]

Throwing Rock Through Ex-Wife’s Car Window Justifies Termination

When Indiana State Trooper Daniel Criswell’s ex-wife Stephanie Criswell needed a new car, Daniel helped her select an Audi A-4 being sold by Pete and Pamela Passon. The Passons and Stephanie executed a bill of sale conveying the car to Stephanie for $500. But despite the listed price, Daniel gave the Passons an envelope containing […]

No Privacy Right To Masturbate While On Duty

A recent decision from the Utah Court of Appeals asks a question few had thought to pose: Is there a privacy right for a corrections officer to masturbate in a bathroom while on duty? The Court’s answer was a swift “no.” The case involved Ron Demill, a corrections officer with the Utah De­partment of Corrections. […]

Firefighters’ Union Did Not Breach DFR

Local 825 of the International Association of Firefighters represents firefighters working for the City of New Haven, Connecticut. Harry Bosley, Ian Cordero, Christian Cordero, Ernest Jones, Jr., and Joshua Vega (the Com­plainants) are all lieutenants who are in Local 825’s bargaining unit. A memorandum of understanding calls for promotional examinations when there are five vacancies […]

Retired Officer Denied Right To Carry Gun Across State Lines

In May 2012, Haverhill, Massa­chusetts police officer Craig Lambert’s former girlfriend, J.S., came to the police station to file a complaint about Lambert due to his conduct after their breakup. J.S. wanted a police officer to tell Lambert to stay away from her but did not want to file a formal complaint. The deputy police […]

Fire Department Loses Lawsuit Against Town

For many years, New Hanover Township in Pennsylvania had two authorized fire departments. Starting in 1948, the Sassamansville Fire Company No. 1 provided fire protection services, and later in 1970, the New Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 began doing the same. In 2010, the Township hired a consulting firm to prepare a Fire […]

Union Entitled To Investigatory Statements

Corrections officers in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania are represented by the Allegheny County Prison Employees Independent Union. Michelle Argotti, a member of the Union, received a ten-day unpaid suspension. The County has certain procedures it uses to investigate a suspected violation of work rules. First, the County may schedule and hold fact finding hearings in which […]