Federal Judge Strikes Down Arizona Law Limiting Ability To Record Police

A federal judge on Friday permanently banned Arizona from enforcing a new law restricting how closely people may film police, finding that the law violates a core First Amendment right to record law enforcement officers. U.S. District Judge for the District of Arizona John J. Tuchi wrote that the law, which made it a misdemeanor offense to […]

Ninth Circuit Voids California Political-Solicitation Statute

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday held that California’s Government Code §3205 which bars employees of local governmental entities from soliciting political contributions from coworkers but places no such restriction on state employees, is unconstitutional. “Because the statute’s discrimination against local employees is not justified under any arguably applicable standard,” Circuit Judge Marsha […]

Tulsa Reaches $1 Million Settlement With Firefighters In FLSA Overtime Suit

The City of Tulsa has agreed to settle an overtime lawsuit with over 500 current and former Tulsa firefighters for $1,060,000. The suit was filed in January, 2022 by thirteen Tulsa firefighters alleging the city was not properly paying overtime. By June, 2023 a Third Amended Complaint was filed with 526 plaintiffs. Continue reading at […]