Omaha Firefighters Union Hopes To Be Next In Line To Solve Workforce Shortage

OMAHA, Neb. — It’s Septemberfest tradition to march in the parade before returning to the negotiating table. Omaha’s professional firefighters union is celebrating an approved healthcare contract and a safe year with no deaths or critical injuries on the job, according to union president Trevor Towey. Continue reading at

America’s Small Towns Are Disbanding Police Forces, Citing Hiring Woes

GOODHUE, Minnesota — As Goodhue Police Chief Josh Smith struggled this summer to fill vacancies in his small department, he warned the town’s City Council that unless pay and benefits improved, finding new officers would never happen. When nothing changed, Smith quit. So did his few remaining officers, leading the Minnesota town of 1,300 residents to […]

Over 100 Connecticut State Troopers Accused Of Faking Traffic Stops

Auditors found tens of thousands of apparently falsified traffic stop records, many of white drivers. They suspect the officers were trying to appear more productive. A recent audit described “a pattern of record manipulation” and said there was a “high likelihood” that at least 25,966 recorded stops between 2014 and 2021 were false and that as many […]