Mayor Says City Trying To Grow LAPD After Years Of Shrinking Force

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The Los Angeles Police Department’s personnel size has been shrinking in recent years and is now at its smallest level in six years. Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said on Thursday the city is working to put more officers on the streets. Marking her first year in office, Bass told a recruiting […]

Police Lodge In D.C. Settles Inquiry Over Unpermitted Liquor Sales

A fraternal police lodge in D.C. whose members were accused of selling and shipping hundreds of bottles of Jack Daniel’s whiskey without proper permits has agreed to new oversight and spending controls as part of a settlement with the D.C. attorney general’s office, according to a written legal agreement obtained by The Washington Post. The deal also […]

Some Capitol Police Officers On Forced Leave After Hitting Pay Cap

Capitol Police officers who have worked substantial overtime, resulting in them hitting an annual pay cap of $212,100, are being put on leave without pay — and the union that represents them is not happy about it. Department leadership asked for, and received, approval for an approximately $10,000 increase to the pay limit regarding Protective […]

Consent Decree Does Not Impair Bargaining Rights

The history of negotiations over disciplinary procedures in the Newark Police Department in New Jersey is a long one. In 1993, the City of Newark and the unions representing Newark’s officers agreed to General Order 93-2, modifying the disciplinary process for the unions’ members. Several years later, a City’s directive to unilaterally change the disciplinary […]

Corrections Officer States Retaliation Claim Under Whistleblower Act For New Assignment

New Mexico State Corrections Officer Manuel Lerma appealed a district court order granting summa­ry judgment in favor of the State of New Mexico and the New Mexico Department of Corrections (DOC) on Lerma’s claim of retaliation under New Mexico’s Whistleblower Protection Act (NMWPA). In 2018, Lerma, transferred from Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility to Central […]

Award Vacated When Arbitrator Failed To Consider Pertinent Evidence

International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 1197 represents pro­fessional firefighters in Edison, New Jersey. For decades, the CBA between the IAFF and the Township provided for a pay differential for firefighters who were certified as EMTs. The parties frequently disputed the pay differen­tial in negotiations and through the grievance process. In March 2018, the parties […]

State Court Rejects Modifying Standard Of Review Of Police Discipline Arbitration Awards

Joseph Scharf was a police officer with the Borough of State College, Pennsylvania until his termination on December 3, 2020. Scharf had been investigated for three unrelated incidents of alleged misconduct: (1) for driving 87 miles-per-hour in a 25 miles-per-hour zone in pursuit of a speeding vehicle; (2) for failing to report a high-speed chase […]

State Retaliated Against President’s Protected Union Activity

Jonathan Wyant is a Wildlife Conservation Officer (WCO) with the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC). He also served as the president of his FOP lodge from 2016 through 2022, during which he was actively in­volved in contract negotiations, interest arbitrations, and processing grievances. One grievance related to the PGC Tracking Team – a special unit tasked […]

Public Employer Not Required To Turn Over Disciplinary Paperwork

Lloyd Douglas was a police ser­geant with the Borough of Malvern, Pennsylvania. Beginning in 2020, he became the subject of two disciplinary proceedings. These proceedings re­sulted in two Loudermill notices, one notice of suspension, and one civil service hearing protesting the suspen­sion. Douglas served no suspension, however, nor did the Civil Service Commission decide his […]

Terminated Probationary Firefighter Failed To Establish Discrimination

Cindy Naraine worked as an admin­istrative assistant for three years at the City of Hollywood in Florida before she was recruited by the City’s fire department in 2019. She was the oldest of her six-person recruit class, and the only black female firefighter. She was assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau for her one-year pro­bationary […]

Breaking Up Fights Is “Routine” For Correctional Officers

Joseph Castracane was working as a senior correctional officer at the New Jersey Training School for Boys when he was injured on October 2, 2018. He had been employed as a corrections officer for the Juvenile Justice Commission for 17 years. Castracane was assigned to the kitchen to oversee the food line when a fight […]

Retired Police Officer Not Required To Grieve Pension Issue Under CBA

William Harris was a police officer for the Borough of West Hazleton, Penn­sylvania, from 1987 until his retirement on June 1, 2007. According to the CBA between the West Hazleton Police Asso­ciation and the Borough, retirees “shall receive annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) increases in addition to other monthly pension or retirement allowanc­es.” Harris […]

Trooper Cannot Sue His Employer Due To Exception

Lance Ramsay was a Washington State Patrol (WSP) Trooper from 1992-2019. In December of 2018, Ramsay was part of an escort detail when he lost control of his motorcycle and was eject­ed. He sustained serious injuries which permanently altered his ability to work as a state trooper. Ramsay retired and received workers’ compensation bene­fits and […]

Weingarten Representative Did Not Exceed His Role

Daniel Leary is a corrections officer at State Correctional Institution-Phoe­nix who also served as vice president of his local chapter of the Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association. On August 1, 2022, corrections officer Corey Townes requested that Leary ac­company him to a fact-finding meeting in Lieutenant Fox’s office. During the interview, Fox presented Townes with […]