Bulk Of Police Force Resigns In Northern Minnesota’s Moose Lake

Interim Police Chief Chad Pattison is a force of one overseeing law enforcement of the northeastern Minnesota city of Moose Lake. Two officers resigned from the typically five-person force last month, and two others, including the chief, last summer. This week, its City Council could decide to stick with a Moose Lake force or sign […]

How St. Louis-Area Departments Are Using AI In Policing

ST CHARLES, Mo. — Whether it’s a police report, a warrant or a summary of a police interrogation, in St. Charles, there’s a good chance a police officer didn’t write it. That’s because the department is now using Artificial Intelligence, or AI, to write routine but time-consuming police and court documents. Continue reading at www.ksdk.com

The Impact Of Large Language Models On Police Report Writing And Beyond

In November 2022, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, an advanced natural language processing (NLP) tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This technology facilitates interactions that closely resemble human conversations, responding to inquiries with a high degree of accuracy and relevance. NLP, a critical domain within AI, empowers computers to understand, generate and modify human language. It uses Large […]

Borough Settles Harassment And Discrimination Suit Brought By Former Firefighter

The Kenai Peninsula Borough has settled for $78,500 with a former Kachemak Emergency Services Agency employee who alleged in a 2023 suit that the borough fired her for complaining about sexual harassment. Courtney Moody, who worked as a firefighter technician for KESA from November 2019 to January 2021, said she experienced sexual harassment by the […]

Cleveland Reducing The Number Of Police Officer Positions As Hiring Lags

For the second year in a row, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb’s administration has proposed stripping more positions from the city’s shrinking police department. Last year, council members criticized, but eventually approved, Bibb’s proposal to cut 142 vacant officer positions from the police budget. Cleveland is among several cities since 2020 that has had more officers […]