Power Check — Police Union Opposes Watchdog Investigations

Fraternal Order of Police president Roosevelt Poplar tells Axios the union doesn’t plan to cede power to the city’s watchdog and is willing to fight in court to prevent the agency from conducting police misconduct investigations. Why it matters: Proponents of the Citizens Police Oversight Commission say that stance leaves residents wondering how the agency can […]

Police Union Officials Say NYPD In A Staffing Crisis

Police union officials say the NYPD is in a staffing crisis.  The NYPD is understaffed by thousands, and officers are leaving by the hundreds every month, according to the NYC Police Benevolent Association. They say long-term solutions are needed.    In 2023, New York City had 33,541 active police officers – that’s more than a […]

Wisconsin Municipalities Required To Offer Health Insurance And Bargain Over Contributions

The state of Wisconsin maintains a public sector collective bargaining law. The Wisconsin law is called the Municipal Employee Relations Act (MERA) and was historically interpreted to impose a duty to bargain over health insurance plans offered by municipalities to their employees. In 2011, the Wisconsin legislative and executive branches drastically curbed public sector collective […]