Philly-Area Police Chief Who Claimed He Was Fired For Being White Lands $2.5M Settlement

A former suburban Philadelphia police chief who said he was fired for being white will be paid $2.5 million in a settlement. Anthony “Chachi” Paparo, 60, was canned as Yeadon Police Chief in February 2022. He filed a federal racial discrimination lawsuit, claiming that four members of the borough council conspired to fire him because he is white. More […]

Fire Department Bleeds Paramedics

The number of paramedics employed by the city’s fire department has plummeted from around 40 a few years ago to just 15 today — hiking mandatory overtime and prompting the city to recruit workers from out of town and state. Fire Chief John Alston and Assistant Fire Chief Daniel Coughlin delivered that sobering news at a budget workshop before the […]

Firefighter Wellness Is A Hot Topic

As I stepped into the office area to interview firefighter Lance Comeau, I could feel the energy of firefighters who had been there before me. As I looked out into the bay, where the large, red and chrome imposing fire engines were parked under watchful bright lights, the energy, for a brief moment, felt like […]

Houston Firefighter Back-Pay Settlement Could Cost Up To $1.3 Billion, Controller Says

Houston Mayor John Whitmire’s proposed settlement with the firefighters union could cost significantly more than previously advertised, City Controller Chris Hollins said Tuesday. The total cost of a back-pay settlement with the city’s firefighters could be $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion after taking into account interest and fees, Hollins said. Continue reading at