Town Must Bargain With Firefighters’ Union Over Termination Policy – N.Y. Top Court

Public-sector employers in New York must bargain with unions over the process for terminating the employment of workers who are injured in the line of duty and are unable to return a year later, the state’s highest court held Tuesday. While a New York statute expressly authorizes those terminations, it does not exempt termination procedures from a […]

Lakeland Cited For Unfair Labor Practices In Retaliation Against Fire Department Employees

LAKELAND —  The city has been cited for unfair labor practices for retaliating against three Lakeland Fire Department employees. The state’s Public Employees Relations Commission found the fire department’s leadership, including Fire Chef Doug Riley, unfairly retaliated against Shannon Turbeville, president of Lakeland Professional Firefighters Local 4173, for asking questions about firefighters’ rights to nationally mandated health care benefits in January 2021. […]

Stockton Fire Department Faces Staffing Shortage, Union Points To Lack Of Competitive Wages

STOCKTON, Calif. — For the last few years, the Stockton Fire Department has experienced a cycle of staffing shortages and high turnover according to the department and the union that represents firefighters.   10 of the nearly 200 firefighters have left the Stockton Fire Department since January of this year, Stockton Fire Chief Richard Edwards confirmed. The […]

Marijuana Could Be Removed From Firefighter Drug Testing Requirements

PRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS/WRSP) — Some city employees will no longer be tested for marijuana on their drug screenings, and if the contract between the city and the firefighters union is approved, the list of exempt employees could soon grow longer. If the contract is ratified, firefighters will not be tested for marijuana when they go in […]

US Prisons Are Facing Staff Shortages As Officers Quit During Pandemic

At a Georgia state House of Representatives hearing on prison conditions in September, a corrections officer called in to testify, interrupting his shift to tell lawmakers how dire conditions had become. On a “good day,” he told lawmakers, he had maybe six or seven officers to supervise roughly 1,200 people. He said he had recently […]

PBA Union: “We’re Working on 2014 Salaries”

The union representing New York State University Police, Forest Rangers, Park Police, and Environmental Conservation Officers has been working without a contract since 2014, and without a raise since 2015.  “We are four state police agencies that are the only state employees on 2014 salaries,” PBA President Ryan Law told Capital Tonight. “Our members have been, […]