Police Recruitment And Retention

Will interviews Angie Salvato and Dr. Vidisha Barua Worley, Esquire on the current state of recruiting and retaining quality law enforcement officers. The interview covers: The changes in general nature of prospective officers they’ve seen over time and why they think these changes have occurred. How the changes have escalated post-George Floyd. How students and applicants are reacting to the national narrative about policing post-George Floyd. The influence of…

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Pat Fioretto Interview

Will interviewed Chicago Pasquale “Pat” Fioretto regarding an important arbitration decision between the City of Chicago and the Chicago FOP Lodge 7. Pat represented the FOP in this case, which dealt with the issues: What constitutes a past practice? How do you prove a past practice? How do you come up with a make whole remedy when the employer has violated a long-standing past practice? Does a civilian oversight…

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Interview With FOP Lodge 112 President Will Milam

Will Aitchison interviews Sergeant Will Milam, president of FOP Lodge 112 in Prince George’s County, Maryland and vice president of the Maryland State FOP Lodge. The two discuss what happened in Maryland that brought about the repeal of the country’s first state police officers bill of rights and what procedural job protections are currently in place for law enforcement officers in Maryland. Will Milam also gives advice to law…

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Interview With Lisa Charbonneau

Lisa Charbonneau

Are you interested in the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA, as it is commonly known? Do you ponder over the Garicia decision? Daydream about Department of Labor regulations? Does thinking about what needs to be included in the regular rate of pay make you feel tingly all over? Then boy, do we have the podcast for you. Will and attorney Lisa Charbonneau from the firm Liebert Cassidy Whitmore…

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Interview With Fire Chief Dan Kerrigan On Firefighter Health and Wellness

Fire Chief Dan Kerrigan talks about how to minimize the risk factors to firefighter health and how they can achieve and maintain what he calls functional fitness. This interview focuses on firefighters but is applicable to all public safety employees and employers. Topics covered: New awareness of the importance of firefighter fitness (00:02:35) Cardiovascular risks and what firefighters can do to prevent them (00:05:40) Cancer risks for firefighters (00:10:59)…

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Interview With Attorney and Author Ron DeLord

Will Aitchison interviews Ron DeLord, the founder of Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT). In addition to being an attorney and experienced contract negotiator, Ron is a published author and respected historian of the law enforcement labor movement. Timestamp Topic 0:00 Introduction. 04:10 Ron’s background. 07:15 Founding of CLEAT. 11:28 The unique approach to law enforcement collective bargaining in Texas. 19:33 Books authored by Ron. 23:55 The police…

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Interview With Dr. Stephanie Conn On Emergency Personnel Resilience

What is resilience, how do emergency personnel develop it and how do departments foster it? Will discusses this important topic with psychologist Stephanie Conn in this special podcast. Topics covered: Dr. Conn’s book Increasing Resilience In Police And Emergency Personnel (00:02:44) What is resilience? (00:06:56) The four-part formula for resilience (00:11:58) I. Organizational resilience (00:14:38) Steps an employer can take to develop organizational resilience (00:16:34) Law Enforcement Mental Health…

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Physical Agility Tests

Legality of Physical Agility Tests

Will interviews Rae Gross and Sarah Kuehnel of the management-side law firm Ogletree Deakins about physical agility tests (PATs). Using a recent blog post on the topic the two attorneys authored as a starting point, the discussion includes the following topics: Why is it that PATs can raise issues under federal law (Title VII, the ADA, the ADEA, the EEOC, and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs)? The…

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Alternative Dispute Resolution For Workers’ Comp Claims

ADR and Wokers Comp Claims

Will Aitchison interviews Los Angeles Police Protective League Director Mark Cronin and Judge Steve Siemers on how the LAPPL and LAPD are using alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, to resolve workers’ compensation claims. Timestamp Topic 03:56 About the LAPPL 05:38 What inspired Mark to become involved in the ADR process? 07:40 What were the problems with the traditional workers’ comp resolution system? 11:50 What is an ADR program and…

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Health Care Trusts

Using the Fort Worth, Texas Firefighters as an example, Will discusses health care trusts as an option for delivering health coverage for public safety employees. Michael Glynn, president of the Fort Worth Firefighters, talks about why the association considered a health care trust, how they got the city to buy into the idea and what the results have been thus far. Ron Kirkpatrick, CEO/President and Founder LBG Advisors, LLC,…

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All Things Body Cameras

Will discusses body cameras with Mike Rains and Rocky Lucia of the law firm Rains Lucia Stern St. Phalle & Silver, PC. They look at the history of body camera use in California, body cameras and criminal prosecutions of police officers, privacy matters, and what issues regarding body cameras are typically negotiated between a department and labor union. Studies cited in the podcast: Journal of Experimental Criminology Temple University…

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Interview With April Upchurch Fredrickson

The current presidential administration is undoubtedly conservative. This is reflected in the pro-management position its judicial appointments and the Department of Labor have taken on labor and employment issues. As a result, many municipalities, counties and states have passed laws and implemented rules more favorable to labor. Using the new Oregon family leave law as a starting point, Will and Jackson Lewis attorney April Upchurch Fredrickson discuss how employers…

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Interview With Steve Grammas

Will interviews Las Vegas Police Protection Association president Steve Grammas about developments in the Nevada legislature strengthening the Public Safety Officer Bill of Rights. They discuss the details of Nevada Senate Bill 242, how it was passed and if it can be a model for similar legislation in other states. LISTEN

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Interview With Attorney Isaac Kaufman

Will interviews Isaac Kaufman of Law Enforcement Labor Services about a case out of Richfield, Minnesota involving the public policy exception. The case started in arbitration and eventually ended up in the Minnesota Supreme Court, where Kaufman and his client prevailed. DOWNLOAD ABOUT ISAAC KAUFMAN Isaac Kaufman has served since 2008 as General Counsel for Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc. (LELS), the largest law enforcement union in Minnesota. As…

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Interview On The FMLA With Stacy Bunck and John Stretton

Will interviews attorneys Stacy Bunck and John Stretton of the management-side law firm Ogletree-Deakins on the Family And Medical Leave Act. They cover the basics of the FMLA, what the employer’s obligations and responsibilities are with respect to things such as health insurance and payment of premiums, life and disability insurance, accrual of paid leave, seniority, promotions and more. The attorney analyze the case of Mary Flowers (Flowers v….

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Interview With Margaret Brogan

Will asks arbitrator Margaret Brogan the questions you were afraid to ask — or maybe didn’t know you need to be asking. How much credence do you really give hearsay, anyway? Would you rather see a brief and/or a closing argument and why? What are the five things that irritate you as an arbitrator? Are expert witnesses really worth the money and time? Does the burden of proof in…

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