Calculating Offsets Against Back Pay

Fabian Butler was a firefighter for the City of Big Spring, Texas. Butler was wrongfully suspended from May 1, 2015 to September 23, 2019. Between his suspension and his reinstatement, he found alter­native employment that resulted in total gross earnings exceeding those of his former employment. His pay fluctuated, and during some pay periods, Butler’s compensation from his replacement job was more than his firefighter earnings, while in others…

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Q & A

From Michigan:Question: I just finished listening to this month’s podcast. At the end of the podcast, you talked about what if the sergeant had no supervisory responsibilities over the employee and you said in a non-union environment it doesn’t matter. Is the same true in a union shop if we also do not have a policy on nepotism but we have a conduct unbecoming policy? Answer: In a union…

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