Firefighter Not Coerced Into Resigning

Kelvin Ross, who is African-American, was a firefighter for the City of Perry, Georgia. A fellow firefighter, Renee Kitchens, complained to Ross that a supervisor wore a T-shirt that offended her. The T-shirt depicted a firefighter laying on the front of a fire truck, dressed in shorts, slippers, a hat, and a shirt pulled up exposing his stomach. His legs were spread apart and something appeared to be in…

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St. Louis Fire Chief Refuses To Use Promotional List, Loses Job

Sherman George began his employment in 1967 with the St. Louis Fire Department, and in 1999 became the first African-American to serve as the City’s fire chief. The Department is under the Department of Public Safety. The fire chief is appointed by and reports directly to the director of public safety, who is appointed by and reports directly to the mayor. Promotions within the City’s civil service system, including…

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Officer’s Resignation Was Voluntary

Jessica Rademakers was a detective with the Lee County, Florida Sheriff’s Department. In May 2006, Rademakers attended a retirement party for a lieutenant. A captain complained that Rademakers had rubbed her breasts against another captain and had engaged in other “inappropriate physical contact” with the captain and a lieutenant. An internal investigation ensued. The investigation concluded that Rademakers had committed both conduct unbecoming an officer and insubordination by being…

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Mississippi Police Captain Wins Jury Verdict On Retaliation Claim

Cliff Hardy was a captain in the Tupelo, Mississippi Police Department and headed the Department’s internal affairs unit. Robert Hall, an African-American deputy chief, was facing charges for assisting a drunk driving suspect. When the Tupelo City Council held a “town hall” meeting to discuss the issue of race relations with the Police Department, Hardy spoke up in support of Hall, and suggested that Hall had been targeted for…

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Trooper Can Proceed With Marital Discrimination Claim

Stacy Jones Tucker was a “buck sergeant” for the Georgia State Patrol, assigned to the Hinesville post. Tucker began having problems at work in 2006 when she married Robbie Tucker, who operated a wrecker service and was on a referral list for the State Patrol. Prior to the marriage, Tucker knew that at least one of her supervisors possessed a low opinion of Robbie Tucker, based on a comment…

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The Fear Of Retribution Not A Constructive Discharge

Randy Goff was an assistant chief of police for the City of Somerset, Kentucky. Goff supported the opponent to Eddie Girdler in the mayoral race in 2006. When Girdler won, he told the Police Chief of his intent to punish Goff and others for their support of the mayor’s opponent. Goff immediately began to examine his options. A lawyer who met with Goff advised him that he would have…

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