Ex Parte Advice From Decisionmaker’s Wife Violates Due Process

Jacob Johnson worked as an Air Force firefighter at Dyess Air Force Base from 2017 to 2019. Around March 2018, Johnson’s mother came to live with Johnson and his family. She was then taking around 13 pills to treat various health issues. Around the same time, Johnson was also taking “seven or eight” pills a day. Johnson was subject to random drug testing because the Air Force considered his…

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Town Counsel Goes Too Far In Communicating With Arbitration Panel

When New England PBA Local 20 and the Town of Chelmsford, Mas­sachusetts, could not reach agreement on a new contract, the dispute was sent to a tri-partite arbitration panel. The panel included labor representative Alan Andrews, management represen­tative Andrew Flanagan, and neutral arbitrator Beth Ann Wolfson. On December 11, 2018, Town Counsel attached a draft of the Town’s post-arbitration brief to Flanagan and requested feedback. A month later, Flanagan…

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