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From Oklahoma:Question: Is there a reasonable amount of time the City has to administer discipline? Meaning if an incident took place approximately 11 months ago and they investigated it approximately two weeks after the incident. Normally punishment is rendered within a few weeks to a month (maybe two). This particular discipline was handed down approximately ten months after the investigative meeting. Answer: The answer will depend a lot on…

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Chicago Police Disciplinary Records Subject To Disclosure In Spite Of Contract Clauses

The Chicago Tribune and Sun Times filed a request under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) seeking the production of “complaint registers” (CR) maintained by the Chicago Police Department. The request included a list of the names of police officers who had received at least one complaint, as well as the officer’s date of appointment, the complaint category, the CR number, the incident date, the date the complaint…

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Court Rejects FOIA Requests For Race, Gender Of Supervisors With IA Complaints

In November 2008, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) submitted 20 separate Freedom Of Information Act requests to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) for documents generated in connection with internal disciplinary proceedings against officers of specified upper ranks for particular offenses in particular years. For example, one request sought all documents regarding any lieutenant who was disciplined during the year 2007 for “Conduct Unbecoming for inappropriate disciplining…

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Internal Memoranda On Discipline Not Subject To Disclosure

Florida’s equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act, known as the “Sunshine Law,” is one of the most expansive in the nation. With very few exceptions, the Sunshine Law requires that all governmental documents be made public. The extent of the Sunshine Law was recently tested in a case involving the discipline of eight deputies employed by the Lee County, Florida Sheriff’s Department. Each of the deputies was the…

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