Officer’s Brady Lawsuit Against Prosecutor Survives

On February 8, 2017, Assistant Burleigh County (North Dakota) State’s Attorney Julie Lawyer received an anonymous letter concerning a Bismarck police officer’s destruction of evidence. The letter prompted Lawyer to review the files of all approximately 100 active, sworn Bismarck police personnel. As part of her investigation, Lawyer reviewed the file of Sergeant Robyn Krile. In Krile’s file, Lawyer discovered two letters of reprimand and several performance evaluations which…

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Q & A

From New Mexico Question: Where in the FLSA does it say that work hours can’t be adjusted to avoid the payment of overtime? Answer: The FLSA’s rules are pretty specific. Under the FLSA, an employer cannot adjust the start of the employee’s FLSA work week or work period for the purposes of avoiding overtime. However, the employer is free to adjust work hours within a work week or work…

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Correcting Lie During Same Interview Saves Officer’s Job

On December 2, 2013, a complainant alleged that an officer of the Hutchinson, Kansas Police Department had arrested her in late November for a DUI violation. The complainant said that the officer later telephoned her at home, sent her several text messages, and generally engaged in harassing conduct. The Department interviewed the officer, who admitted visiting the home of the complainant after the DUI arrest to follow up on…

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Interview With Steve Bukaty On Brady And Giglio

Will interviews Kansas attorney Steve Bukaty an important case dealing with Brady and Giglio in the town of Hutchinson and a Brady/Giglio policy in the Wichita Police Department. Download podcast Subscribe to this podcast via RSS or iTunes Subscribe to this podcast by email The post Interview With Steve Bukaty On Brady And Giglio appeared first on Labor Relations Information System.

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