African-American Officer Cannot Sue Because No-Beards Regulation Treats Him More Favorabl

Eric Antrum, an African-American, is a Special Police Officer employed by the Metro Transit Police Division of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. The Division’s policy on facial hair provides that officers should be clean shaven, but makes an exception for employees diagnosed by a dermatologist as having a condition known as pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB). PFB, an inflammatory reaction to shaving, disproportionately impacts African-American men. On May 11, 2005,…

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Race Discrimination Lawsuit Arising Out Of No-Beards Policy Allowed To Proceed

Amon Simon is an African-American male with a permanent form of the skin condition pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB). Simon joined the Harris County, Texas Sheriff’s Office in February 2004 as a detention officer. In October 2005, Simon graduated from the Sheriff’s Office Academy and returned to work as a deputy at the Harris County jail. In 2005, the Department had a no-beards policy that allowed an exception if the employee…

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African-American Officers Lose Challenge To ‘No-Beards’ Policy

After researching the issue for some time, the Houston Police Department selected the Scott Promask 40 respirator for all patrol officers. Once it was decided that bearded officers could not use the mask, the Department revised its grooming policy to prohibit beards on any uniformed officer, regardless of his medical condition. Under the revised policy, if a uniformed officer is unable to shave, for medical reasons, he is transferred…

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