‘Absolute Immunity’ Even Shields Placement On Brady List For Political Reasons

A group of nine Pierce County, Washington, Sheriff’s Department law enforcement officers who were assigned to the Department’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) sued Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys James Schacht and Fred Wist, former Sheriff Paul Pastor, Acting Sheriff Brent Bom­kamp, and Pierce County, claiming that they were wrongly placed on the local Brady list by Schacht and Wist. The deputies contended that the real reason for their designation on the…

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Qualified Immunity Bars Dispatcher’s Second Amendment Claim

Keli Calderone is a police communications operator at the City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications. On July 19, 2017, Calderone was off duty and in her personal car. While idling alongside Calderone at a red light, motorist Selene Garcia threw a drink into Calderone’s vehicle and then pulled to the side of the road. Calderone followed Garcia and stopped right behind Garcia’s car. Calderone and Garcia…

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Prosecutor Shielded From Officers’ Suit By Qualified Immunity

Lieutenant Pat Stockdale of the Fairview, Tennessee Police Department became concerned about the department’s relationship with two security firms and suspected that some officers had falsified documents to obtain secondary employment at the firms. He told Kim Helper, the district attorney for Williamson County, that the wrongdoing had “reached a whole new level” and asked Helper to refer the matter to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Less than two…

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Immunity For Wrongful Failure To Arrest

Robert Zdrojeski, Scott Menard, and Darren Connolly are Connecticut State Troopers. Kenneth Combs is a sergeant in the East Hartford Police Department. On August 31, 2012, Combs was on duty working the midnight shift as a patrol supervisor for the Town’s Police Department. At approximately 11:24 p.m., Combs entered Kahoots, an East Hartford establishment with exotic dancers. As he was monitoring activity from a position near a DJ booth,…

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