The ADA And Light-Duty Jobs

Repeating a result that has been reached many times in courts across the country, the federal Second Circuit Court of Appeals has illustrated how difficult it is for public safety employees to claim that their employers should accommodate their disabilities by assignment to a light-duty position. The case involved Sergeant Michael Garvey of the Town of Clarkstown, New York. Garvey suffered a knee injury while on duty, was placed…

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Court Upholds Limited-Duty Assignment Of Cleveland Officers Involved In High-Profile Shooting

In November 2012, thirteen police officers engaged in a high-speed car chase in Cleveland, Ohio. When the car finally came to a stop, the officers fired 139 bullets into the vehicle, killing the two African-American suspects inside. The media started reporting the story, framing it as twelve Caucasian officers and one Hispanic officer shooting and killing two unarmed African-American suspects after a high-speed car chase. The community response was…

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