Florida Officers Lose Claim For Malicious Prosecution

In 2011, Sergeant Omar Paez, Sergeant Lyndean Peters, and Officer Yovany Diaz of the Golden Beach Police Department in Florida were arrested on various charges of public corruption. The officers were accused of, among other things, fraudulently failing to report off-duty police work that would have required them to pay administrative fees to the Department. The officers were never tried and the criminal charges were dropped more than three…

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Officer Not Victim Of ‘Malicious Prosecution’

Jerry Ims served as a Portsmouth, Rhode Island police officer from July 6, 1987, until his retirement on February 26, 2004. On November 26, 2001, Ims participated in a training exercise centered on the issue of the appropriate use of force during an arrest. The exercise involved a role-playing exercise with Ims, Officers Scott Travers and Steve Alfonso acting as police officers, and Officer William Burns portraying the perpetrator….

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