Mandatory Vaccination Not Negotiable In New Jersey

The Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association filed an unfair practice charge against the Township of Ma­plewood, New Jersey, alleging that the City failed to bargain over the implementation of a policy mandating COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment, dispensing with a testing option. Several Association members submitted requests for exemptions based on their religious beliefs. The requests sought the accommodation of weekly COVID testing, and the wearing of face…

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Q & A

From Washington:Question: Can an employer mandate/require an officer to get the COVID-19 vaccine to continue working? Do you see guilds/unions challenging this and how do you see courts ruling? Answer: There’s not a lot of law on whether a mandatory vaccine requirement would be a negotiable topic. The NLRB has some cases that suggest it is negotia­ble, but there’s a case out of California’s PERB that suggests it isn’t….

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Budget Discussions Do Not Equal Negotiations

In late 2012, the City of Portland, Oregon began its budget process for the 2013-14 fiscal year anticipating a shortfall. The City asked the Fire Bureau to develop its budget using a modified zero-based budget approach, requesting up to 90 percent of current appropriation levels with prioritized add-back packages for cut items. The Bureau developed its proposed budget through a budgetary advisory committee. Alan Ferschweiler, the president of the…

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