Immunity Bars Officer’s Suit For Canine Bite

Juan Mata is a police officer with the City of Bangor, Michigan. Mata was injured when the police K-9 working with a Van Buren County deputy sheriff injured him during the arrest of a flee­ing subject. Mata and his wife sued the County and the deputy sheriff, alleging that the County was liable as the owner of the dog and that the deputy was liable because of his gross…

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Reinstatement Ordered For Fire Association President

Cliff Snider is a firefighter with the city of Pasadena, California. In 2009, and then again from 2011 forward, Snider was the president of the Pasadena Firefighters’ Association. In October 2014, Snider injured his back while trying to lift a patient during an emergency call. Although Snider initially felt well enough to remain on duty, he soon suffered a severe back spasm that required him to visit the emergency…

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In Some States, PTSD Not Compensable Injury Without Physical Injury

Brian Carver was employed by the Jackson Police Department in Mississippi as a patrolman for 20 years. In 2004, Carver fatally shot a suspect. After his two required visits to a psychologist, Carver was cleared to return to work, where he experienced physical and mental health issues while on duty. The first time Carver experienced PTSD symptoms after returning to work occurred when he was dispatched on a domestic…

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Videos Do Not Prove That Officer Had Recovered

It is not uncommon when an employer suspects that an employee may be falsely describing the extent of an on-the-job injury for the employer to obtain video of the employee engaging in physical activities. A recent case involving a Chicago police officer serves as a reminder that video evidence that the employee has engaged in even vigorous physical activity does not necessarily establish that the employee is malingering, and…

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On-Call Status And Line Of Duty Deaths

Dale Newman was the Police Chief for the City of Leadwood, Missouri. In that capacity, Newman “was always subject to call.” Newman also held a second job as a warehouse worker with UPS in Crystal City, Missouri, where he loaded package delivery trucks. On August 27, 2014, Newman was loading delivery trucks at the UPS facility when he suffered a fatal heart attack. The medical ex­aminer concluded the cause…

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Giving Aid Is A ‘High-Risk’ Activity For Corrections Officer

Employees of the Douglas County, Nebraska Department of Corrections are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that provides for enhanced “Injured On Duty” (IOD) benefits for employees performing a high-risk duty. The CBA defines the phrase “high-risk duty” as including (1) responding to a Code, and (2) interaction with an inmate while that inmate is engaged in an act of violence with the officer, another inmate or himself/herself.” Rachelle…

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