“Mere Offensive Utterances” Do Not Amount To Sexual Harassment

After one month as an employee of the Lone Jack, Missouri Police Department, Terri Davison resigned. She sued the City and four police officers, claiming she was denied equal protection of law and constructively discharged due to her gender. When a trial court dismissed her law suit, Davison appealed to the federal Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. In support of her sexual harassment and hostile work environment claims, Davison…

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No Right To “Name-Clearing” Hearing When Employer Gives No Reason For Termination

When the Riverside County, California Sheriff’s Department terminated Coy Bradstreet, a probationary employee, it simply placed a notice of termination in his personnel file. The notice gave no reason for the termination decision. Bradstreet and his labor organization, the Riverside Sheriff’s Association, sued the County seeking a “name-clearing” hearing under the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Bradstreet’s lawsuit. The…

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Officer’s Casual Clothes Result In Loss Of Job In Residency Case

John Senn was hired by the City of Cleveland, Ohio Police Department in 1991. Senn and his wife initially lived in Cleveland. After their children were born, however, Senn’s wife wanted to move out of Cleveland. In September 1996, Senn’s wife and two children moved to a single-family home in Mentor, Ohio. One month later, Senn purchased a one-bedroom mobile home in Cleveland, Ohio. Senn testified that he lived…

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